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What is Nightery?

Nightery is a real-money gaming platform that empowers anyone to easily host community-based predictive sports and entertainment games.

Nightery also empowers hosts to earn a commission for each of their contests hosted.

How do I get started?

Nightery is available to play on iPhone and Android mobile devices. You can download the Nightery mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I sign up, logout, and login?

To sign up or login, open the Nightery app from your mobile phone, enter your mobile phone number on the intro screen, then enter the verification code sent to your phone from Nightery.

Logout by going to 'View Profile' within the menu screen, then tap “Logout.”

How do I create a contest?

Tap the 'Create A Contest' button in the bottom right, then follow the prompts to select your game format and customize settings, including the number of contest entries, entry fee, start time, prize structure, and your host commission rate.

What fees are applied to each contest?

Nightery currently charges a platform commission of 7% of total entries fees from each paid contest. The host (an individual person, non-profit charity, or for-profit entity who creates the contest) can customize the host's commission rate from a minimum of 0% (none) to a maximum of 25%.

The fee structure can be changed anytime. If and when a change occurs, all customers with an active account will be notified, and this page will be updated accordingly. Any contest created prior to a fee structure change will not be affected.

How do I invite others?

Each customer gets a unique link associated with their individual account to invite others.

Tap the 'Invite Others' button on the main screen in the bottom left, then copy and paste the link into a text, SMS, email, or on social media.

A player can also get your contest invitation within the Nightery app by entering your unique hostname on the 'Invitation' screen.

How does a player enter my contest?

If a player does not already see your contest invitation within the Nightery app, the player should first enter your unique Nightery hostname on the 'Invitation' screen. By doing so, the player is then connected to the host, and all contests the host creates, now and into the future, will appear which have not yet past the entry deadline and have entries remaining to buy.

After opening the contest invitation, the player taps the “Buy Entry” button.

If the player has less funds in their Nightery account than the contest entry fee, the player will be prompted to deposit funds before purchasing an entry.

Who is eligible to play?

Adults age 18+ who are physically in one of the following locations at the time of purchasing an entry can play in a real-money contest on Nightery:


How do I deposit funds?

To get to the payment screen to deposit funds, tap “Add credits” in the menu screen or tap the “Buy Entry” button within a contest while having less funds than the entry fee.

Payments are accepted via Venmo, PayPal, Credit Card, and Apple Pay.

Payments appear as “Credits” within the Nightery app, and are play-able only; credits cannot be withdrawn nor returned. Only cash won or earned for hosting a contest can be withdrawn (as detailed below.)

What games are available on Nightery?

Nightery currently offers three (4) different game formats:

Survivor: choose 1 team each week. If they win, you survive. If they lose, you are eliminated.

Pick'Em: select from a lineup of statistical options based on real-world events, such as “Tom Brady will pass for at least 290 yards”, or “Tom Hardy will win the Oscar for Best Actor In A Dramatic Post-Pandemic Comedy”

Golf Tiers: a weekly fantasy golf contest; pick your lineup of PGA golfers grouped by tiers

Survive The Cut: a round-by-round elimination fantasy golf contest; select 6 golfers each round of a PGA golf tournament

Where can I read full contest rules and scoring for each game?

Contest rules and scoring structure are displayed within the Nightery app on the 'Rules' tab of each contest.

Where are the contest prizes displayed?

Prizes are displayed within the Nightery app on the 'Prizes' tab of each contest.

Where do contestants track their points and ranking?

Points and rankings are tracked and displayed on the leaderboard, of course!

What happens to my contest if all entries are not purchased?

If your contest does not fill by the entry deadline (a few minutes before the scheduled start of the first real-world event associated with the contest) the contest resizes with the same entry fee, start time, and prize structure, while having a different number of entries and prize amount.

Entries from players who opt to play their entries into the resized contest remain in the contest, while entries from players who opt to receive a refund are refunded their purchase from the original contest.

Each player can change their account setting to receive a refund or play thier entries from contests entered that do not fill by going to the 'View Profile' screen found within the Menu.

How and when do I receive my cash from winning a prize and/or hosting a contest?
Cash for winning a prize and/or for hosting a contest when a host commission is applied appears in the customer's Nightery account typically within seconds of a contest officially closing.

Before a contest is officially closed, statistics from the real-world event and contest scores must be validated; this validation process typically occurs within an hour of the real-world event ending, though can be longer.

How do I withdraw my cash?

Cash can be withdrawn by going to the Menu screen, tap "Withdraw Cash", then follow the instructions, including entering a withdrawal amount, your name, and address.

How do I reach customer support, provide feedback, or ask a question?

From within the Nightery app, shake the phone while on any screen, then follow the prompts or go to the Menu, tap “Get Support” then tap “Contact Us”.

Expect customer service to reply by email promptly Monday through Friday 9a-5p PT.

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